Some opening remarks

Welcome to my blog!

The topic I intend to blog about is lightweight bushwalking, particularly long distance walks.  The walks I have done and have in the planning stages cover Australia (home) as well as Europe (including the UK – only the Conservatives think it isn’t part of Europe).  In the future there are vague but developing ideas encompassing the superb long distance trails of the USA and no doubt there are many more across the world that I will discover and hopefully explore.

As part of this interest I am actively seeking to cut my pack weight and have enjoyed reading the many, particularly the European, blogs on the subject. The climate and geography of Australia create a somewhat different set of requirements when selecting gear and I hope my blog will expand on this.  One thing I note is that when I started walking in the late 1960’s around Sydney the standard lightweight kit included a fly sheet for shelter and sand shoes for footwear.  What goes around …

It will take a while to get to grips with WordPress and get this blog looking a little more professional; so please bear with me.  I don’t expect to ever match some of the superb photography on many of the other blogs in the field but I will try!


About ozwalk

My interest is long distance walking in natural environments. I am returning to this after my middle years of family, full time work etc. As part of this is a quest to go lighter.
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